The kitchen is where you try out new cooking ideas for your family. Choosing a fresh palette of paint colors can stimulate your creativity and freshen their taste palate, too! Kitchen painting ideas can be complicated recipes. Unlike many rooms, you may be doing more than just wall painting when you repaint your kitchen. While that can make this kind of project seem intimidating, it also adds lots of opportunities for creative customization. Think of the kind of mood you want to set and pick your main wall paint color accordingly. Then consider painting kitchen cabinets, the island, and even the floor in order to accent the walls.


There's a reason that green has been an "in" kitchen paint color for years. Greens evoke nature and the environment, adding a fresh, healthy vibe to your kitchen. Behr's "Pesto" and Benjamin Moore's "Lime Tart" are two of our favorite green hues for the new year. Who knows? Adding green to your kitchen might subconsciously encourage your family to munch on celery a little more often (results not guaranteed).


For fans of cherry pie or cherry tomatoes, shades of red can add excitement to your kitchen for the new year. Like grilling a medium-rare filet, red paint colors can be a little tricky to get right, but the result is almost always worthwhile. In the Behr paint line, "Dragon Fruit" and "Frosted Pomegranate" can sweeten up the vibe in your kitchen. If you're more of a spicy type, you might check out "Salsa," one of our favorite Benjamin Moore paint colors.


Like a side of warm, fresh-baked bread, neutral hues can go a long way toward balancing out some of our more vibrant color suggestions. Despite the slightly boring connotation of the word "neutral," you can find plenty of creative ways to use white, gray, black, and brown tones in your kitchen. White-painted trim is especially effective for adding neutrality and balance. Black granite countertops also work wonders to tame brighter colors.

For more ways to refine the color palette in your kitchen (or any room in your house), give us a call at 1-888-PAINTING. We proudly serve the Jacksonville, FL area. Our licensed painters are anxious to hear your vision for your kitchen, and they'll be glad to help you bring it to life!

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