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Wallpaper Removal in Jacksonville, FL

While wallpaper can be attractive, modern, and classy, there might be some found in your home that is firmly rooted in the style of decades gone by. Unfortunately for many homeowners, wallpaper removal is a notoriously messy, labor-intensive process. Depending on how old your home is, there also can be the risk of damaging the wall underneath.

At A New Leaf Painting, we offer professional wallpaper removal in Jacksonville, FL. Why not let us turn a dreaded project into an exciting opportunity? We can guarantee great results, and to erase decades of age quickly and efficiently.

We are dedicated to providing a clean, unobtrusive work environment, and to quickly finish your project with the highest standards and in a budget-friendly way.

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Our Wallpaper Removal Process Covers All The Important Details

For best results, the removal of wallpaper must follow a strict process.

  • Remove current material with minimal damage to the walls/substrate
  • Skim coat and/or apply drywall mud to repairs and imperfections in the wall
  • Application of a quality oil base primer—perhaps the most crucial step to ensure proper adhesion
  • High-quality finish coatings (i.e., paint, paints, and glaze, or faux finish)


How long do wallpaper removal projects usually take to complete?

We typically complete such projects in 2-4 days, depending on the details surrounding your project. Our sales representatives will define the project's timeline during your free estimate.

What about my valuable furniture and other items?

We create a protected working space, masking off flooring, furniture, and valuables to ensure a clean job site. All masking is removed upon project completion.

Can you fix wall cracks?

If you’re experiencing cracks in your walls, we can certainly repair them. In some cases, however, this is not a permanent fix (e.g., the underlying cause of cracking is foundation movement or settling).

Can you handle other types of painting and repair work?

Are you looking for Painting Contractors Near Me, who can get your job done?

In addition to wallpaper removal services, when you need painting service near me our House painters consider A New Leaf Painting. With an experienced team of interior painters, drywall repair, carpenters and field managers, we are ready to take on your house painting project. Call us to get started (904) 615-6599.

Jacksonville Wallpaper Removal Service

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