Timeless and Trendy Interior Design & Paint Trends for 2021

When it comes to interior paint color, trends come and go. It’s all about striking a balance between what looks current and what feels timeless. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the paint color trends that have really made their mark in 2019 - and those that can keep your home looking fresh and functional through 2020 and beyond. So if you’re shopping for interior paint for your Jacksonville, Florida home, make sure that you’re thinking about what type of design and color you’d enjoy living with for years to come. High-quality paint can live for a long time - so make sure you know which paint color trends are designed to last.

Don’t Underestimate Neutrals

Far too many people think that a neutral interior paint color is boring. Well, that couldn’t be any further from the truth! When done with a savvy eye, neutral paint can really pack a punch. One trend that has been super popular in 2019 is adding little pops of blue to your neutral paint scheme. So those of us that may be more color-averse can stick with the taupes, grays, and off-white hues that are more comfortable, while still enjoying some of the hot home design ideas that are going on right now. A blue accent wall - or even just a rug or a few throw pillows! - will really make those neutral colors feel like so much more. And as time goes on, you can always switch up your accent colors for a fresh new look.

Bronze Comes In First Place

Who says that bronze isn’t as good as silver or gold? Certainly not those with their finger on the pulse of current interior design trend ideas! If you’re looking to add drama and warmth to your interior space, look no further than rich bronze hues. Bronze accent pieces such as railings, candle holders, and light fixtures can add a certain timeless - yet oh-so-totally current - feel to your Jacksonville, Florida home. These bronze pieces pair well with virtually any interior paint color; but they are especially vibrant when set off against rich reds, cool grays, or olive greens. Speaking of olive greens…

Olive Interior Paint Color Trend

I Don’t Just Like it - Olive It!

Olive green has had its moment in the sun many times over as far as interior paint color trends are concerned. And it’s definitely seeing a resurgence again in 2019. This timeless shade is rich, yet peaceful - meaning you won’t feel overpowered if you choose this for the interior walls or accent walls of your home. Olive green has the unique capability of both standing out and blending in at the same time. It acts almost like a neutral - so you can pair your favorite vibrant accent pieces with it without worrying about overwhelming the space.

If you can’t commit to using interior paint to implement this trend, you can always throw in a few olive accent pillows, window dressings, or rugs. Because remember - when it comes to trends - you’re free to embrace them however you feel is right for your life. We’re here to give you ideas; you can run with them however you please.

If You’re Feeling A Bit Moody

Really looking to make a statement with your interior paint color? Do you feel like your home has something to say? If you’ve got a penchant for the darker, moodier things in life, then you might consider accent walls - or hallways! - in one of the year’s hottest paint colors: Navy. Gone are the days of strict design rules saying that walls need to be light in order for a space to feel inviting. Your home can be warm, inviting, and still feel spacious if you incorporate navy interior paint color into your home in the right way. Deep, rich colors like navy are one of the design ideas that have people talking this year. And, believe it or not, navy walls can be just as timeless as traditional white paint. If you use bold furniture pieces that can really hold their own against a darker interior paint palette, there’s no need to worry about how your home will stand the test of time. This is a bold choice, but it can be a great one.

And, now that we’ve said all that…

Neutral Interior Paint Color Trend

White Paint Is Still A Great Interior Design Idea

With all of the interior design trends that float around from year to year, it can be difficult to figure out what works best for you, your home, your family, and your lifestyle. This is especially true if you plan on living in your home through various stages and changes in life. What you need in your home now may be totally different than what you need in your home ten or twenty years from now! So how can you embrace interior design and paint trends while still having a home that is versatile and adaptable? That’s where white paint comes in.

We’ve talked about grays, taupes, and other neutrals… but white is truly timeless. With white paint, your furniture and design options are virtually limitless. In fact, you can incorporate many of the design trends that we’ve talked about here today with a white wall base. Pops of blue? They look great with white. Bronze accents? Imagine how they’d stand out near a crisp white wall! As far as the other trends go, you can always consider olive or navy accent walls to go with the primary white color scheme. Truly, the sky's the limit!

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