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Fiber cement may be one of the world's most perfect siding materials, but you might not recognize it when you see it. Fiber cement material disguises itself as wood and, in many ways, it performs even better than wood. If it's pre-finished in the perfect color of your choice, you will not have to paint again for many years.

James Hardie Siding Repairs

With that in mind, fiber cement isn't right for every house in Jacksonville, FL. Sometimes the architectural style and design calls for a different finish, such as wood or stucco. Wood siding is not only common, it's the traditional siding for many homes in Jacksonville Florida. Fiber cement is a high-tech version of wood and it looks just like wood, but it doesn't fade with age, and it isn't susceptible to rotting like regular wood, so it's an excellent choice.

How Fiber Cement is Made

Wood has the natural grain and and appearance that's just right for many homes. It's available in a range of widths, and it's also suitable for horizontal, vertical and shake or shingle installation. So is fiber cement.

Fiber cement takes what's great about wood and turns it into a material that holds up better, but with less maintenance. A New Leaf Painting installs it on your home beautifully. Our preferred material is James Hardie®, which is known as the leading provider of fiber cement siding, lap and vertical siding, trim and fascia materials.

It's made from a combination of cement, wood fiber and other materials, and shaped as planks, shakes and other popular siding profiles with authentic-looking woodgrain. You can also find it with a smooth, no-grain finish.

Fiber Cement Siding Last the Longterm

Wood siding can last for generations, but not without intensive regular maintenance. Paint will always chip and flake, which means it will always require scraping and painting. For some, that's not a problem. For everyone else, getting the look and performance of real wood without the labor is a huge saving in maintenance cost over the years..

When A New Leaf Painting installs Hardie Siding on your home, you get a low-fuss finish that looks beautiful and holds up to more abuse with less effort. That's a winning combination.

Fiber cement resists water, cracks, warping, and the seasonal shrinking and swelling that all wood experiences when the humidity goes up and down. This material is pest resistant, so termites and other wood-boring pests won't touch it. It also gives much better protection against fire than wood.

Many Options to Choose From

We can show you a world of James Hardie® siding choices that might just surprise you. The profiles alone are enough to merit a second look. There's HardiePlank lap siding, which is the most traditional looking profile. And there's also shingles and the unique look of vertically-oriented board-and-batten.

If you're in the market for something a bit more upscale, fiber cement profiles of the Artisan Collection are really something special. Our consultants at A New Leaf Painting will help you find the perfect siding profile for your home. It can replace what you've got board-for-board, or take the aesthetics of your home in a different direction if you like.

Then there are the colors. Rich reds, warm browns, cool grays, icy blues and a host of neutrals are just the beginning of what you'll find in fiber cement siding.

Fiber cement siding might not sound especially fancy, but the James Hardie® products that we install are cutting edge. They provide everything that you want in a home siding product - looks, durability and authenticity - and ramp up your home's value in the process.

If you're in the market for new siding on your home or siding replacement for areas that have experience wood rot, and or if it's time for that much-needed facelift, A New Leaf Painting has your home covered. We've remained the premier home improvement company in Jacksonville Florida for over 16 years, and we can make your home beautiful, too. Request an estimate from us today and see for yourself how fiber cement can transform the exterior of your home for years to come!

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