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Please Be Prepared For Our Interior Painting Crews Arrival By Doing The Following Things:

WE NEED YOUR PAINT COLOR SELECTION - Click here to fill out and send us your INTERIOR PAINT COLORS! Below is helpful information about paint color sheen.

Take note of any special concerns you may have about your project and be sure to tell our Crew Leader.

This APPLIES ONLY TO THE AREAS in your home we are working on.

  • CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES: Before we arrive, we ask that our customers please remove any valuable or fragile items from the workspace. This includes removing small accessories, decorations, patio furniture, and grills away from the house. Our crews will help move any larger items, but A New Leaf Painting will not be held responsible for any valuable items left in the workspace that may incur damage.
  • Remove Items: This only applies to the areas we are working on and as needed.
  • Remove ALL nails, screws, hooks, and brackets that will no longer be used or put back up

  • Remove pictures, wall decorations, and shelves from walls, curtains, drapes, valances, and curtain rods (only do this if you are able to)

  • Remove table lamps, plants, and small pieces of furniture from the rooms/areas we are working in

  • Remove contents of bookshelves/bedroom units. Countertops, refrigerator, and stove (if necessary)

  • Closets: Remove clothing and all contents of closets are to be painted (if applicable)

  • Remove Towels, rugs, and accessories from bath and powder rooms

  • Computer and stereo equipment, phones, and all electronic equipment should be unplugged from the wall

  • TV: If a TV is easy to take down and or move in any area we are painting in, we will help move your TVs. We do not remove wall-mounted TVs, if they need to be taken down, you will need to have them removed.

  • PAINT COLORS - Select final paint colors at least 5-7 days prior to the start of the project! If you plan to color-match your existing colors, please let us know via email! PAINT FINISH - Select a finish for the body: Flat or Satin (we use satin and semi-gloss for doors & trim and flat for ceilings). SUBMIT YOUR INTERIOR COLORS HERE!

  • HOUSE ACCESS / KEYS & LOCK BOXES: (A GAME PLAN IF NEEDED.) Occasionally, no one can be at the property to provide access. The majority of clients who hire us, do so because they feel comfortable with us in their homes during work hours. We may need to have access to your home even if we are doing exterior work, we will need to open exterior doors to paint them. We have lock boxes we can discreetly place outside your home in order to keep your key onsite to ensure we have access.

  • BATHROOM/RUNNING WATER: Make sure when painters arrive, there is access to water and power. Let our crew leads know which areas of the home would be best to set up shop and have a staging area for tools and equipment. Please let's know which bathroom our team can use.

  • ARRIVAL TIME: Our painting crews usually arrive between 7:30-8:30 AM on the first day of starting your project. However, going forward they prefer to arrive early. Although, you can let them know the best time for you and your family and they will work within these times.
  • WORK HOURS: We may work longer hours than the other trades. Upon special circumstances, we may stay later than 5:30 pm
  • CHANGE ORDERS: If there are any significant changes from the painting proposal, the OPERATIONS MANAGER will gladly write you up a change order estimate and request your authorization via signature before any additional work can begin.

  • PREVIOUS DAMAGE: From time to time the estimators (and you) may miss some previous damage (i.e.: broken windowpane, over-spray from the previous painter, broken furniture, etc.). We want you to know that our crews will take the initiative to admit to existing/accidental damage they may cause and will make it right. If we should find any damage, we will inform you before starting that area. If you would like us to repair the item, it will require a change order.

  • PUNCH LIST: Feel free to leave written messages for the painters if you are at work. The CREW LEADER should ask you to do a walk-through the day before completion to see if there are any corrections to be made.

  • FINAL WALKTHROUGH: On the last day of the project, we ask the customer to be available for a final walkthrough with the crew leader to ensure all work is acceptable and up to expectations. If the customer does not make themselves available, we may not be able to reschedule and the walkthrough will need to be done by them due to scheduling restrictions.


Here are a few helpful blog posts about color and paint finishes/sheens

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