Most Popular Front Door Colors 2021 – Find the Front Door Color for You

Most Popular Front Door Colors 2021 – Find the front door color for you with these essential tips.

Front Door Colors
Front Door Colors

Your front door is one of the first things people see when they look at your home. In many ways, it provides the first impression of your home. A bad front door design will make people think badly of your property. If you're selling your home, this is the last thing you need! Even if you aren't, it still helps to have a nice front door that generates great curb appeal.

Speaking of which, what are the most popular front door colors of 2021? We'll list a few ideas at the end of this piece, but it's more a case of finding the right color for your home. Here are some tips to help you decide what color/colors might suit you best:

Are you repainting your home?

Firstly, is it just the door you're changing, or do you want to repaint your entire home? If it's the former, you need to look at the color of your home and select doors that fall in line with the scheme. For the latter, you'll need a front door color to match the new color scheme.

Do you know which colors complement one another?

Finding the perfect front door color for your home is all about learning how to make colors compliment one another. If you don't know which colors go well with each other, then take a look online. There are loads of resources that can help you decide what sort of colors to pair together, creating a more complete look.

Do you want to make a statement?

Are you looking for a front door color that pops and commands as much attention as possible? In short, are you hoping to make a statement with your new front door? If so, consider bright and bold colors that still complement the rest of your home. However, if you'd rather keep things subtle, you can't go wrong with plain and neutral colors - like black, white, or gray.

What are the most popular front door colors of 2021?

After answering the previous three questions, you should have an idea of a few colors or color types that you want to select. So, let's take a look at what colors are currently trending this year:

  • Black - always a classic, and houses with black doors have excellent resale values

  • Pastel blue - a welcoming and soft color that brings some modernity to your home

  • White - another classic that works so well on many homes. Conveys feelings of purity and friendship, making your home feel more welcoming

  • Red - a bold look that stands out and makes a huge statement

  • Coral - a light shade of pink that works well with white siding and adds a touch of vibrancy and peacefulness to your home

Of course, feel free to look online for more inspiration if you're struggling to choose the right front door color for your home. Hopefully, the tips in this short guide should make the decision easier for you, allowing you to come to a successful conclusion.

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