How to Clean Painted Walls Without Damaging Them?

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How often do you clean the walls in your house? The question itself is enough to alarm you - when WAS the last time you cleaned them?! Don't worry, you're in the same boat as pretty much everyone else reading this post. The truth is, we don't even think about cleaning our walls, despite the fact they become just as dirty and germ-ridden as the floor and other surfaces.

Usually, there's also a reluctance to clean interior walls because you're afraid of damaging them. You don't want to peel off the pain or make the color change. Have no fear, for you're about to see some simple tips to help you clean your walls without damaging them at all:

Start by removing as much dust as possible

Your first task is to get rid of the dust that lingers on your walls. Run a finger on your wall right now, and you'll be amazed at how much dust collects there. This can be done by using your vacuum cleaner and removing as much dust as you can.

Get everything ready

You won't need much stuff to clean your walls, just a couple of buckets and some standard cleaning supplies. What you don't want to do is use any harsh chemicals here at all. There's no need for them, you can clean your walls with some soap, water, and a bit of baking soda.

With that in mind, get everything set up and ready to clean. Focus on one part of the wall at a time, and make your cleaning solution by mixing the soap with some water in a bucket. Lay something on the floor to collect any droplets of water as you clean. Now, you're ready to start!

Start from top to bottom, using a damp sponge

You don't want your sponge to be soaking or too much water will get on the walls and can weaken the paint or wallpaper. It should be damp, and you can start from top to bottom, making very gentle strokes. That's genuinely all you need to do, then use a clean bucket of water to rinse dirt from your sponge before starting again.

Use baking soda for tough stains

If you spot any stains on your walls - like ink from your kids - you can add baking soda to water and use this solution. The baking soda naturally helps lift off the stains without needing any chemicals that could damage the wall.

Don't forget to dry the wall

When you've finished cleaning an area, be sure you dry it off straight away. A lint-free towel is all you need and gently pad and blot the wall to soak up as much moisture as you can. You don't want your walls to stay wet for too long or it can lead to mold or mildew forming.

Just like that, you've cleaned your walls without damaging them! A general rule of thumb is to be as gentle as possible when cleaning - particularly if you have flat finishes as they're easier to damage. Always be careful around any electrical outlets as well, preferably covering them so no water can touch them.

Feel free to check out other articles in the blog for more paint-related tips! Of course, if you need help with a project, don't be afraid to get in touch.

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