7 Calming Paint Colors to Soothe Your Soul

Color is a powerful thing. It can change a person’s mood, evoke happiness, incite rage, and make people feel sad or calm. Despite this, the majority of people do not spend more than a fleeting moment thinking about how color affects their home or workplace. We believe that color should be a reflection of those who live or work or use the space, and should be carefully considered to create the intended atmosphere in the space.

This video shares a little bit more about color psychology and the effects that different colors can have on the way we act and the way that we think.

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Most of us want - and need - a space in our lives that makes us feel calm. It might be the lounge, or it might be the bedroom, or might be a room with the sole purpose of relaxing in. Whatever the room, choosing the right paint color is vital. Here, we look at seven calming paint colors to soothe your soul.


Gray has a somewhat unfair reputation for being dull and gloomy, but the right shade of grey can be relaxing and calming. It is the ultimate neutral color. It doesn’t demand attention, it keeps itself separate and distant, which is perfect for when you need to take a step back. Opt for softer grays to avoid a utilitarian atmosphere.


Green is the color of nature, immediately helping to evoke a sense of calm and tranquility. When we are outside, it is the color that we see in the trees, the grass, the leaves. Most shades of green will have the desired effect, but lighter shades will leave you feeling even more soothed.


Classic white can be an interesting color choice because even the most subtle differences in shade can change the look of a room. Try to avoid bright whites, as this can appear a little clinical and harsh, and go for more creamy, ‘off-white’ shades. Be careful not to go too far off white though - it can look almost grubby and dull.


We are not talking about hot pink here, but soft pastel shades. Imagine the soft pink of baby lotions, and avoid anything red-toned, as this can be the opposite of calming and soothing.


Blue, surprisingly, is the most subconsciously calming color. When we are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, we often find ourselves longing to look at blue skies and the deep hues of the ocean, and that’s because of the sense of calm that it brings us. It is actually thought that looking at the color blue can trigger a chemical response in our bodies to promote calming.


Yellow, generally, is an all-round positive color. It makes us feel happy and cheerful. However, while bright yellows can be over-stimulating, pale yellow can leave you feeling like you are being bathed in warm rays of sunshine.


Paler shades of purple, such as lavender or lilac are youthful and fresh, but because they keep hold of the white and grey tones, they remain calming. Just think of lavender itself - it is thought to have sleep-inducing properties!

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