What Do You Do With Your Extra Paint?

Here are a few ideas regarding what to do with your old paint that will leave you feeling like there might actually be some productive uses for that odd couple inches of leftovers!

  • Recycle - You can use a website like earth911.com to find a place near you that will accept old paint (as well as other items that cannot simply be thrown out). Oftentimes your leftovers will be recycled into discounted paint that can be used by others for their own projects.
  • Mix a custom look- If your creative juices are flowing, why not mix a couple of different colors together, making enough paint to complete the project of your choice? Just be sure that you only combine paint that is of the same composition. Specifically, do not mix oil-based with water-based.
  • Use the leftover paint as a base coat- If you are going to be painting a wall a darker color, use your old, lighter paint as a base coat.
  • Make custom artwork- You can paint accent pieces the same color as the walls or trim in a different room, creating a way to connect and tie colors together with an exact match.
  • Save it for touch-ups- Try transferring your surplus paint to a smaller, well-sealed container, and set it aside for those times when you will need to touch up dings and scratches down the road.

If you have any other painting-related questions we hope you won’t hesitate to contact us at A New Leaf Painting. We are an experienced, quality painting service in the Jacksonville, FL, area, and would love the opportunity to help you in any way we can!

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