While it may not be your first consideration when thinking about what brings a home value, building an impressive wood deck is a great way to build instant equity in your home. The same holds true if you have an existing deck that is in need of repair or refurbishment. While not adding as much value to a home as a bathroom or kitchen, a deck nonetheless increases the utility of the space around your home. It looks good to potential homebuyers, and your family will love it.

But you won't get as much enjoyment or value out of a deck that has become an eyesore or is falling apart. If your deck needs structural repair, partial replacement, or to be refinished, contact A New Leaf. We're more than house painters, able to handle even big carpentry jobs like this. If you think your deck might be due for some TLC, here's some more information on when and why to invest in your deck.

  1. Repair When There's Rot. Because of the sometimes harsh climate around Jacksonville, FL, decks can take a beating. Check the joists and posts of your deck, especially the areas that touch the ground. If you can sink the end of a screwdriver into any point of the wood on your deck, you are experiencing wood rot and it's time to make a change before things get worse.
  2. Repaint/Restain/Refinish When There's Visible Aging. If you can recall what your deck looked like when it was new, you'll remember an unbroken color and finish over its whole surface. Today, your deck may have lost patches of this finish due to sun, wind, rain, and sand. If you have lost this protective coating, but the wood has not yet begun to rot, it is important to properly seal the wood before rot does set in.
  3. Refurbish When You Want to Sell. There are many remodeling jobs to consider if you're thinking about selling your house, but it's easy to forget the deck. Especially if your deck just needs some extra paint/stain/seal, make sure to get this done before showing the home to prospective buyers. An attractive and inviting deck will have your prospects imagining themselves out on it, enjoying a beautiful day. A dingy, splintery deck make them imagine themselves somewhere...not so appealing.

Decks can be DIY jobs, but you may want to hire carpentry and paint contractors like we employ at A New Leaf. Whether your deck needs structural or cosmetic work (or both), we can handle the job quickly and professionally. Also, if your exterior paint needs work, what better time to paint your deck as well? And once it's been repaired, check out our handy list of things to do with your newly-repaired deck!

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