It’s that time of year. Chilly winter days are in the rearview and people all over Jacksonville, Florida are enjoying the the sun. This is the time of year (if you can find a couple of sunny days with no rain) to get your house repainted. A New Leaf painting has a team of experienced paint contractors who can have this job done right in no time. All you have to do is pick out the paint colors you want. Exterior paint considerations are a little different than those you make when choosing interior paint colors. I’ll walk you through some of the considerations I make when I repaint my own home.

  1. Interior is for Personality; Exterior is for Curb Appeal. Because I don’t plan to live in my home forever, any renovations or improvements that I make to it have to be beneficial to my long term equity. So when it comes to paint, I always pick somewhat conservative exterior colors. This is to ensure a great first impression with future buyers. I’ll indulge my wilder side for specific rooms inside my house because it’s easy for me to repaint later by myself. But repainting a home’s exterior is more job than I can handle on my own. So I pick my colors carefully, and make sure I pick colors that appeal to a lot of people, even if I may not move for a couple years or more.
  2. Exterior Paint is About Details and Contrast. Almost any color can look good if you have well chosen contrast colors for trim, shutters, and the like. In this way, even unusual home colors can be made to look tasteful and well chosen. But if you pick the wrong trim color, even the most familiar house color can look tacky and out of place. It’s also important to make sure that the physical elements of your home are in good repair. In addition to being great painters, A New Leaf Painting can perform carpentry and repair work to your home’s trim, gutters, windows, shutters, and the like. This, combined with well chosen colors, will make your home look amazing.
  3. Exterior Paint Needs to Be Done Right, Fast. Exterior painting has a whole laundry list of considerations and challenges. While it is possible to DIY this job, I would recommend hiring the pros. A team of professional painters, like the one at A New Leaf Painting, can complete an exterior paint job fast, before adverse weather conditions can ruin the work. They’ll also ensure a job will stand the test of time. An exterior paint job is an investment. Make sure it’s done right so it will look good for years to come.

With these considerations, you should be able to pick out the perfect colors for your home. And with the right help, you can make sure that they are applied carefully. You might have other questions about exterior paint work, so don’t hesitate to contact A New Leaf Painting with your questions. We’ll be happy to speak with you!

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