Have you noticed a room in your home is much darker than others no matter how much light is in the room? Have you considered it may be your paint color? Every paint color has something called Light Reflectance Value and knowing what it is can actually help in numerous ways, one of which is keeping your light bill low.

What Is a Paint Color’s Light Reflectance Value?

Light Reflectance Value, or LRV, measures the amount of visible and usable light reflected from a surface when illuminated by sunlight, candlelight, or artificial light. The number, ranging from 0% to 100%, tells you how much light is reflected or absorbed by a color. Values of 0%, which indicates total blackness, and 100% which indicates total white light do not exist in everyday life.

Where Is the LRV Found for Paint Colors?

You can typically find the LRV for a paint color on the back of a paint chip or fan deck. Colors with a higher LRV will be lighter and thus reflect more light back into the room as opposed to absorbing it. For example choosing a color with a LRV of 9 will bounce back less light into a room than a hue with a LRV of 65. When choosing a paint for the interior of your home, you should decide how much light you want. Speaking to a professional paint color specialist could help narrow down your options.

Why Is a Paint Color’s Light Reflectance Value Important?

Knowing the LRV for colors you select when painting the interior of your home, can prevent you from making poor paint color choices and making a room either too bright or too dark. When doing a media room it, may be helpful to choose a paint with a lower Light Reflectance Value than you would want in the kitchen.

For information on how natural and artificial light affects color, refer to this Sherwin William's article.

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