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We need each crew leader to provide an update twice a day on the progress of their job.

Please fill out the Daily Report Here twice a day!

How to Set-Up Access to the Payroll Portal


How Payday and Payroll Time Works

Our pay period runs from Wednesday through Tuesday (Tuesday is the payroll cut-off day) and payroll is reported to Vensure our payroll company on Wednesday morning. Payday is Friday of each week and your pay check will usually be direct deposited Friday morning.


Accrued PTO Policy - You will receive the following PTO/Vacation

What is accrued PTO and how does it work? It is earned or accumulated over time. So, for every 40 hours of work, you earn = 2 hours of PTO/Vacation.

  • 5 vacation days
  • 6 paid holidays
  • 1 paid sick day

Time Off Request Form

Option #1 - Time Off Request Form

Option #2 - Request time off via the ClockShark app. Here are the Clockshark instructions!

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