When Is The Best Time For Home Interior Painting Projects?

Fall and Winter, on the face of it, do not seem like the best times of the year to crack on with home interior painting projects. The weather outside is dreadful in many parts of the country, it gets dark earlier and most of us would rather be hiding under our duvets watching Netflix rather than digging out the paintbrushes.

However - Fall and Winter are the best times of the year to do these projects. Trust us - as experienced painters, we have done the job in all weathers, conditions, and seasons, and the cooler months are always the best.

Why is that? Why are Fall and Winter the best times for home interior painting projects?

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Less humidity

Humidity in the environment is not good for paint. While you would think warm air would be helpful to make the paint dry, it can result in peeling and cracked paint in the long term. No one wants to have to paint more than necessary, but do it in the warmer months and you are more likely to have to do it again.

In the winter, the air is much drier. This allows the paint to stick to the intended surface much better and create a better bond. Of course, there is still always the risk of rain in the winter months, but overall, there is less humidity, making it perfect for painting.

Lower prices

Generally speaking, painters and decorators are less busy during the winter months so often charge a reduced fee. If you are hoping to get your house painted, you can save yourself a significant chunk of cash by opting to do it when other people aren’t. Their loss, your gain!

It can help to increase the value of your property

Painting is a task that when compared to other home renovation projects is relatively easy and affordable. It is also something that can have a huge impact on the value of your property, should you be looking to sell it. It can bring about as much as a 107 percent return on investment, so it is something that every potential seller should be doing. Summer and spring is prime time for real estate, so getting the home interior painting projects out of the way during the quieter months is a cost-effective way to maximize the value of your property. It also gives you an advantage over other property sellers.

It doesn’t take over your summer

When the sun is shining and everyone is chilling around the pool or in the yard with their friends, do you really want to be stuck inside a hot, stuffy room painting? No - we wouldn’t either. By getting the home interior painting projects out of the way in the fall and winter, you can relax and enjoy your summer.

If you can’t face painting, whether it is winter or summer, fall or spring, give us a call and let us do it for you.

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