Stucco Maintenance – Reasons you Should Paint your Stucco!

Stucco doesn’t last forever and requires maintenance like all siding options. Painting your stucco is the best way to maintain it, providing many advantages.

Stucco Maintenance – Reasons you Should Paint your Stucco!
Stucco Maintenance – Reasons you Should Paint your Stucco!

Contrary to popular belief, stucco doesn't last forever! It seems like it does, and it is extremely durable, but even stucco owners need to worry about maintenance now and then. Granted, it is easier to maintain than other siding options, but there are still things you need to do.

The number one maintenance tip goes against everything you've probably heard about stucco; it should be repainted. It's easy to think your stucco will remain as it is forever, but a new lick of paint is required, and here's why:

The sun fades stucco

You sometimes see stucco advertised as non-fading, but this simply isn't the case. Perhaps if it was kept in a dark room, then it wouldn't fade! Unfortunately, the UV rays from the sun will fade just about anything - including your stucco. It won't be a rapid fading, but you should still keep an eye on any light patches and apply a new coating as you see fit.

Cover up stains

In most instances, cleaning a stain is better than covering it up! However, with stucco, you sometimes get a white powdery substance growing on it. This is called efflorescence, and it has a tendency to stain your stucco if it lingers for too long. When the stain is too intense for even a pressure washer to deal with, a new lick of paint is the best option. You can cover the stain while keeping your stucco looking a nice and even color.

Cover up hairline cracks

Clearly, huge cracks in your stucco siding are an issue. If the cracks are wide and deep, you will need to have them professionally dealt with. Nevertheless, you will also experience a range of smaller cracks in the walls. Thankfully, a new coating of paint on your stucco will see to these cracks. The paint will fill in the minor cracks and cover them up, leaving your stucco looking good as new. If you're unsure how to do this or prefer to let a professional deal with a task like this, then contact a professional exterior painter today to get the job done.

Update your property

A common thing that's forgotten is that maintenance doesn't only refer to fixing and cleaning your home. Sometimes, you need to maintain your home by ensuring it is still relevant and up-to-date. Therefore, painting your stucco a new color is a fantastic way to do just that. You can give it a brand new coating that transforms your home into a more modern property. Thus, it maintains its stature and curb appeal in the current climate!

Painting stucco is a bright idea if you want to keep it in the best condition possible. While you can paint stucco yourself, we recommend getting professional help instead. This is because the painting process involves spraying and rolling, which is a two-person job at the very least. There's also a decent bit of prep beforehand, so it's more convenient to get assistance. If you'd like someone to help paint your stucco, don't hesitate to give us a call!

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