Painting a home, whether it's your own or a rental property, your choice of paint colors will appeal to a range of people. Painting a home may seem like a simple project, but there are lots to consider. Choosing paint colors that are too bright or bold may not please certain people as they may not find it attractive. At the same time, opting for too bland colors also gives a diffused look to the house.

Painting gives your home an appealing fresh look when you wish to rent or sell it quickly. There is a lot in exterior painting to consider than just the aesthetics; you may want to consider waterproofing as well.

Here are a few tips for your painting project in Jacksonville, FL

Stick to classy grays rather than browns

Both are neutral colors, yet gray is contemporary and versatile. A brown color scheme gives an older look, and the typical cream and brown paint ages the design. Brown is hard to match with other colors as well.

Gray goes in sync with most other complementary colors. Gray is a combination of white and black, the primary colors, and this makes gray highly versatile. Taking any different colors such as red or green with gray paint does not sacrifice the gray look. It accents the walls with its tone.

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Caulking & Waterproofing

The bathrooms must be caulked and waterproofed. Acrylic paint has mildew-resistant properties, and painting the bath walls with acrylic paint protects from moisture damage. Ensure everything is caulked. Caulking and waterproofing are essential.

Color choosing has a significant effect on your feeling and mood. For example, choosing paint colors for the kitchen, consider bright, cheery colors, while choosing warm, welcoming hues for the family room. For bedrooms, consider choosing paint colors with cool greys, pale blues, and softer tones to promote relaxing, resting, and unwinding moods.

Accent Wall

An accent wall is a way to add a splash of color, bright or bold. Accent walls are tricky to paint because you should be sure that the accent color goes well with the adjacent walls. There is a need for extreme patience and sharp skills. Consider these "dos and don'ts" when planning on painting your home: Do consider the accent wall. Covering walls in beiges and grays looks lovely. However, add a splash of color to improve the neutral colors of your home.

Accent Wall Color Choices
  • Do consider the other wall colors: select fun, bright patterns, or colors. If the walls are pale green hue, an accent wall can be bright orange. Look for a variety of samples and solicit the color specialist advice.
  • Don't say no to vibrant and bold colors. Vivid hues accent walls the best, so do not be scared of the accent color. Go for wild patterns or colors.
  • Don't think the accent wall is possible only with solid paints. You can paint ombre, stripes, or a faux finish. A valid choice is wallpaper.

Consider the Painting Supplies Checklist:

  • Tape measure
  • One gallon of paint covering 400 square feet.
  • Primer uses a stain blocker
  • Stirrer comes free with paint purchase. Apply after stir painting.
  • Pouring spout
  • Five-gallon bucket
  • Screen
  • Roller tray
  • Angled sash paintbrush
  • Roller cover
  • Drop cloths
  • Blue painter’s tape
  • Hole filler
  • Sponge
  • Screwdriver

When is the right time to paint?

Painting the interior of your home at any season and condition as it has controlled environments. The humidity and temperature get adjusted. However, painting the exterior of the house means you must consider various elements.

When is the best time to paint your home exteriors?

Summer is the most challenging season to paint home exteriors in Florida due to high temperatures, humidity, rain, and a higher chance for hurricanes. High winds and rain can send dirt and debris onto your paint, making your new paint coat appear sloppy, and it has to be redone.

Fall has a higher chance of hurricanes, and the humidity levels are still high at this time. However, if you must paint, do consider fall as it has lower temperatures than summer, early fall may be right as the temperature extremes are mitigated.

Winter is ideally considered for painting exteriors in Jacksonville, FL. However, avoid painting if the surface is slightly wet. In Jacksonville, winter spans from mid-October to the March-end, and there's little precipitation, which makes it the ideal season to paint a Jacksonville home.

What are paint and primer?

A special paint type that goes under different names such as paint, self-priming paint, and primer, paint, and primer. The paint and primer in one need no mixing of primer. It offers a sturdier paint coat, while the paint is thicker.

Knowing when to use self-priming paint helps:

  • Repainting a wall works well as the self-primer color does not bleed-through.
  • Interior surfaces having paint and primer in one is acceptable.
  • Painting on drywall, new or unfinished, considering self-primer pain is ideal. This is because a new drywall should be primed.

How to Paint a Room

How to Paint a Room
  • Plan Your Approach: Get organized. Move furniture out of your way. Remove the chandeliers. Lay cloths to cover the floor, gather the tools and mix paint. Paint the ceiling, large areas such as walls before repainting.
  • Repair Damaged Surfaces: Scrape old paint and prepare for new paint. Cover high-gloss enamel paints fix the walls chips, dents, or cracks before painting. Ensure to patch the imperfections and cut away drywall or plaster. Allow the patches to dry, before painting use damp sponge to dust off the walls.
  • Prep the Room: Remove all electrical outlets and switch covers, picture hangers, wall sconces, and wall fixtures or attachments.
  • Prepare the materials: Purchase paint to ask the brush type and if the roller is suitable for you. Rollers come in different fiber lengths or naps offering desired finishes. Avoid spilling the paint over the sides and punch a hole in the can interior.
  • Brush: Brushes come in different sizes and shapes. Wall brushes are designed for flat expanses and the trim brushes are good choices for window and door frames. Make smooth, long brush strokes to avoid brush marks and streaks.
  • Paint Roller: Use the roller to avoid missed spots. Refill the roller and give the second application as a finished coat.
  • Clean up: For a break, wrap rollers and brushes in plastic wrap so that they are wet and ready to resume painting. Save the brush by suspending it over a jar and allow it to soak, rinse, and dry bristles using a clean rag.


We hope that you find these painting tips from our professional painters in Jacksonville helpful for your next painting project. Understanding paint color choices is the key to getting your home sold or rented out quickly. Knowing the right time to paint your home's exterior is critical so that you don't end up having to redo it when considering the various elements. You should consider hiring professional painters who have experience in any painting conditions. If you are unsure if you can do it yourself, hire professional painters in Jacksonville that will get the job done for you. If you're looking for professional Painters Fernandina Beach, FL, check out Halls Quality Painting.

If you’d like to learn more about hiring a painting contractor in Jacksonville, FL, please contact A New Leaf Painting by filling out a contact us here or you may call us directly at (904) 615-6599.

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