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Here's one of our favorite interior decorating tips: Take an old pair of shoes and place them on the floor next to the door that leads from your house to your garage. Make sure to pick shoes that are easy to put on, but also match the paint colors of the room. The shoes will not only look great; they'll also give you something to wear when you need something from the garage and have to walk over the dirty garage floor!

Okay, okay, we admit: That wasn't a serious interior decorating suggestion. But it's amazing how many people really do keep a pair of shoes next to their door just to protect their feet from the dreaded grit and grime of the garage floor. And if you're tired of putting on that pair of white Reebok high-tops from the 1980's, you might consider letting us finish your garage with garage floor epoxy or garage floor paint.

We use a tried and proven process when we apply epoxy or garage floor paint. First, we thoroughly wash and bleach the garage floor. Then, we caulk any minor cracks and use an etching solution to ensure that the concrete surface is primed for the epoxy or paint. If your garage floor has lots of pits and scratches, we can finish it with a coat of subtle paint flakes that will help hide these imperfections.

Besides making your garage look pristine, the right epoxy can also go a long way toward protecting against further damage. Maybe you like to work on your car in the garage? A properly finished floor will be much easier to clean, so changing the oil won't be so risky. In fact, epoxy is durable enough to protect against dropped tools, spilled liquids, and everyday foot traffic. And think about how good your cars will look on the polished finish!

The right epoxy flooring can make your garage feel almost as inviting as any other room in the house. If you have more questions about our epoxy garage flooring in Jacksonville FL, please feel free to give us a call at 1-888-PAINTING. We take pride in every project, whether we're painting an accent wall or epoxy-coating a garage floor. We proudly serve the following areas Jacksonville, FL area. Our licensed painters in Jacksonville FL are anxious to hear your vision for your home, and they've got plenty of interior design ideas that can help you bring it to life. And don't worry: they won't judge you if you've got an old pair of shoes next to your garage door!

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