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You’ve looked through a million websites for interior design ideas. You’ve picked out the perfect wall paint colors, and you’re ready to find a painter. So you head back to the internet and start looking for painters in Jacksonville FL. Some are licensed and insured and some aren’t. But who cares? Isn’t one painter the same as the next? Here’s a story that shows why you should choose a painter who’s licensed and insured - like the professionals at A New Leaf Painting.

Steve is an unlicensed, uninsured painter. He isn’t licensed because he doesn’t have any knowledge about construction codes or about how to run a business, so he can’t pass Florida’s licensing tests. He’s not insured because he hasn’t painted any houses, so he hasn’t made enough money to buy any insurance. But he seemed like a nice enough guy when Jenna met him outside the local hardware store, and he promised to paint Jenna’s house for really cheap, so she thought she’d give him a chance.

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Yesterday, Steve showed up to paint Jenna’s house. He was only 45 minutes late, and he didn’t bring a ladder, but he said he’d be glad to use Jenna’s. Everything seemed to be perfectly in order, so Jenna headed off to work (only an hour late). After she left, Steve decided he could save himself some money by using some 40-year old wall paint he’d recently found in an abandoned barn. Since he’d never had any kind of training or certification, he didn’t realize that the paint had lead in it. He got right to work. Unfortunately, the toxic fumes in the lead paint quickly overwhelmed him, and he fell off the ladder, making a giant, uninsured-painter-shaped hole in the living room wall. Despite spraining both of his ankles, Steve was determined to prove that he knew how to paint a room, so he bravely soldiered on and finished his work.

Steve was just getting ready to leave when Jenna got home from work (much later than normal). She was pretty upset about the hole in the wall. But like we said, Steve is a really nice guy. He felt really bad for putting the hole in Jenna’s wall, so he gave her his business card in case she wants to hire him to repair the damage. In addition, he’s said that he won’t sue her for his injuries as long as she’s willing to pay his medical bills and buy him his own ladder.

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And that’s the story of Steve the unlicensed, uninsured painter. Obviously it’s fictional, and obviously it’s a little bit exaggerated. But it shows that there’s more to being a professional painter than just using a paint brush. Our licensed painters in Jacksonville, FL are up to speed on construction codes and environmentally safe paints, and they can also answer your questions about the best paint colors for your room. Give us a call today at 1-888-PAINTING… you can trust us NOT to put holes in your walls. If you do an internet search for "a painting service near me" or "find a painting service" to find local house painters you are bound to stumble upon our website.

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