We've all heard interior design ideas about "the right colors" to use for specific rooms in the house. (We've made our share of paint color suggestions, too!) But there's no single "right way" to do things, because many of us use the same room - even the bedroom - for different purposes. That's why we wanted to approach this topic from a different angle. When it comes to setting the right mood for a bedroom, you first need to determine which mood you want to set. That means you need to consider how you use your bedroom. So read on, and don't worry - we'll keep it clean!

For some people, the bedroom is a place for sleeping, and that's it. If that's the case, you'll want to consider tranquil, calming paint colors. Darker hues like green and blue come to mind, of course. But how about orange? Sure, it's been proven to stimulate creativity, but it also evokes feelings of warmth and security. If you're familiar with Benjamin Moore paint colors, check out "butterfly wings" or "summer peach tree."

For others, the bedroom is a place where they can lounge, watch TV, or even finish up a work project. If that's true for you, then traditional, calming hues will still work, but consider adding accents of something more stimulating. Obviously you've got to be careful when using bright accents, but the results can be worthwhile. As we mentioned above, orange is a great choice. Or consider yellow - it has been found to boost intelligence and creativity. If you're the type who catches up on work email right before you go to bed, yellow can set the mood for productivity.

Looking to set "another kind of mood" for the bedroom? Violet and red are at different ends of the color spectrum, but they can both add their own kind of romantic warmth. Red tends to feel daring. It evokes passion, but it can also be comforting. Check out "raspberry blush," one of our favorite Benjamin Moore paint colors. Violet can also add romance and allure, but in a more subtle, mature way.

These are just a few of our ideas on how to paint a room (in this case, a bedroom) to make its mood better fit the way you use it. For more suggestions, or if you need a little help with your project, give us a call at 1-888-PAINTING. We proudly serve the Jacksonville, FL area. Our licensed painters are anxious to hear your vision for your home, and they've got plenty of interior design ideas that can help you bring it to life!


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