The kitchen gets a lot of traffic, but it isn't always the room that tops the list when it comes to your favorite place in your home. But you can change that. Kitchens have a lot of the gathering power and comfort of areas like your living or dining room - or at least they can. Achieving this change doesn't even have to involve a change in paint colors. There are plenty of interior design ideas that can quickly transform your kitchen from a utility room to a family destination spot.

Many kitchens are large enough to make them great for dining. By installing a handy kitchen island with bar seating, you can easily make your kitchen the best place to have a quick snack or even a meal. The kids will enjoy hanging out here with their friends, perhaps while enjoying something to eat. In my first house, we built the island like a Murphy bed, so that it could fold up along the wall when not in use. This opened up the floor for daily use. We enjoyed the versatility of the space, and similar solutions can work for you if your kitchen isn't the largest.

Wall painting is an option, but why not try repainting the cabinets first? You may not even have to go as far as that, as the addition of a backsplash or even changing the hardware/handles on your cabinetry may give you the effect you're looking for. Have you thought about the way additional lighting might brighten up the colors you already have? If you do decide to paint the cabinets or walls, consider all your options. Do you have exposed brick in your kitchen? Why not try some masonry paint?

Why not try putting in shelving instead of cabinets? When we moved into our house, my wife and I had a lot of cabinets - too many cabinets. By eliminating some of the excess and replacing them with natural wood shelving, we've been able to feature more of the beautiful parts of our kitchen, like our big jars of dry goods. It keeps the space useful but makes it more visually appealing and versatile.

Revivifying your kitchen can involve some very simple home decorating ideas. We can help you with these. Of course, we're also happy to perform standard kitchen painting if that's what you want. We proudly serve the Jacksonville, FL area. Whatever your household needs, A New Leaf Painting is here to make your place look great. Give us a call today at 1-888-PAINTING to talk about how we can help.

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