You were outside enjoying the mild Jacksonville, FL weather, and then you started looking around the outside of your house. You noticed some discolored siding, and now you're worrying that you might be in serious need of some siding repair or wood rot repair.

If you're wondering how to tell when your wood or vinyl siding is damaged, you're not alone. Siding damage can be tricky to catch, and when you miss damaged siding, you're setting your home up for all sorts of other problems. Even when you spot it, it can still be difficult to diagnose. So grab a flat-head screwdriver and take a quick stroll around the outside of the house. We'll help you through the process!

We'll start by looking for a few of the obvious signs. As you walk around the house, do you see any siding that's loose or cracked? How about sections that have holes in them? You probably already guessed it - those spots will need repair. If the damage is limited to just a couple pieces, you may be able to replace those yourself, especially if they're vinyl. (Stay tuned for a later blog about do-it-yourself vinyl siding repair.) If there are several broken pieces, you may want to call the professionals.

Don't see any broken pieces? That's a good sign! But we'd recommend something we call the "tap test." As you walk around your house, use your screwdriver handle to gently tap the siding. Do this every few feet that you walk, and make sure to tap on any panels that are discolored or have small bubbles in their finish. The tap test is great for revealing dry rot. The danger of dry rot is that it eats away siding from the inside out, so in some cases, it might look perfectly functional. If a gentle tap reveals damage to a panel, you'll want to investigate a little more. Gently use your screwdriver and move damaged pieces just enough to check underneath for the three "M's" - mildew, mold, and moisture.

If you find damage, or if you're not sure if you've found damage or not, give us a call at 1-888-PAINTING. We'll be glad to answer your questions. We hate to brag, but we're experts in more than just house painting… We also do siding repair, and that includes damaged vinyl siding and wood rot repair for damaged wood siding. In fact, you can call us for many of the same things you'd call a general contractor for.

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