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Got a free weekend and a room with a popcorn ceiling? If so, we've got an easy way for you to get rid of both of them (the free weekend and the popcorn ceiling)! If you don't mind a little mess, removing popcorn ceilings is one of the least-tricky home decorating projects out there. That's why it's one you can often do without hiring a general contractor or professional painters.

As long as your ceilings were finished in 1980 or after, you shouldn't have to worry about asbestos, so the actual removal process is pretty simple: You grab a putty knife or ceiling texture scraper, climb up on the ladder, and start scraping. Like we said, it's pretty simple. But, don't start scraping yet! Like wall painting and other similar projects, the key to removing a popcorn ceiling is having the right tools and making the right preparations.

Here are the tools you'll need:

  • Painter's tape
  • Clear plastic sheeting
  • Eye protection (trust us: it's going to be dusty)
  • A dust mask (seriously, it's going to be dusty)
  • A large (6" or wider) putty knife
  • A ladder

And here are a few tools you'll want, but don't absolutely need:

  • Portable hand sprayer
  • A smaller putty knife
  • A ceiling texture scraper
  • A fan (like we said earlier…)

Now that you're all geared up, you need to prepare the room.

Remove all furniture. Remember what we said about dust? This is the worst kind of dust to deal with, so you'll be much better off if there's nothing else in the room.

Use your painter's tape and plastic sheeting to tape off electrical outlets and any vents that you want to keep free of dust and water.

Turn on your fan and turn off your air conditioner or heater.

Fill your hand sprayer with water and start spraying the ceiling. If you don't have a hand sprayer, you can re-use an old spray bottle, but the hand sprayer will make this home decorating project a lot easier. Wet a large (but not too large!) section of the ceiling. This serves two purposes. First, it softens the "popcorn" portion of the ceiling. Second, it helps to keep down the dust.

Once you've applied water, you're ready for the fun part! Grab your scraper, hop on your ladder, and get to work! Like we said at the beginning, this part is pretty simple. The only trick is for you not to scrape too deeply. The more water you use, the easier it is to put nasty gouges in the ceiling, and that's a great way to turn this into a project that requires the help of a general contractor. If you got a ceiling texture scraper, you can attach a plastic bag to it. This won't completely eliminate dust and stray "kernels" of popcorn, but it definitely helps.

Popcorn Removal Jacksonville FL

Once you're finished, there's only one more thing to do… pick out new paint colors for your ceiling! If your popcorn ceilings seem a little daunting, give us a call at 1-888-PAINTING. We're really good at dealing with popcorn ceilings, and we can help you pick out those paint colors, too. We proudly serve the Jacksonville, FL area. Our licensed painters are anxious to hear your vision for your home, and they've got plenty of interior design ideas that can help you bring it to life! If you need help with your popcorn ceiling removal project in Jacksonville, FL. A New Leaf Painting is here to help! Just give us a call at 1-888-PAINTING

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