Helpful Facts About Wood Rot in Your Jacksonville Beach Home

You’ve just noticed something on the exterior of your Jacksonville Beach home that looks different. Could it be those awful words you‘ve heard your neighbor speak – “wood rot”? You remember what a cumbersome problem it was for him to correct it. But what really is wood rot and how can you prevent it from damaging your Jacksonville Beach home’s exterior?

What is Wood Rot?

Wood rot, or dry rot, is actually caused by a fungus. The fungus grows when wood is exposed to 28% to 30% of moisture or water. It spreads throughout the wood and causes it to become very frail which could be detrimental to any structure no matter where the wood rot occurs.

How Does Wood Rot Spread?

If the source of the moisture is not removed, the fungus will continue to spread throughout the wood. Eventually, the affected wood will break off and expose more wood to the water source, causing it to spread further.

Preventing Wood Rot in Your Jacksonville Beach Home

The best way to prevent wood rot in your Jacksonville Beach home is to ensure that the wood in your home is not exposed to water or any moisture. The most common source is from plumbing leaks. Always check sinks and bath tubs for any leaks and have them repaired by a professional plumber. Another source of accidental moisture is roof leaks. Periodically have your roof checked to avoid any problems. Hurricane season can loosen or remove shingles exposing the wood underneath to heavy rains. Have the damage repaired as soon as possible.

How to Identify Wood Rot?

If the exterior of your home has already been affected by wood rot, you may notice a cotton wool-like texture on the surface. You may also notice shrunken wood or a skin-like growth that has silver-shaded mushrooms on it.

Treating Wood Rot in Your Jacksonville Beach Home

Don’t attempt to treat wood rot in your Jacksonville Beach home yourself. At A New Leaf Painting, our professional contractors and house painters are skilled at repairing and replacing wood rot around wood siding, soffits, eves, fascia, as well as any other exterior wood surface. Our work is guaranteed to meet your satisfaction. We have helped many homeowners calling for exterior house painting work who were unaware of their Jacksonville Beach’s home wood rot problems.

Make A New Leaf 1 888 Painting the solution to wood rot in your Jacksonville Beach home. Save money by having your dry rot treated or removed the right way the first time. Contact us at 1-888-Painting or 904-330-0084. Can you afford not to?

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