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I love wall painting. Well, I don’t love the work itself, but I really enjoy getting to pick out the colors. The job goes pretty fast. Soon, you’ve got perfect looking walls, with colors that change the way you feel about your entire home. It’s a cheap way to add a little bit of excitement to your life, and it’s an opportunity to flex your creative muscles. If you read my piece last week on exterior paint colors, you’ll be happy to know that I throw out the rulebook when it comes to interior paint. Here are three considerations I make when choosing the colors for my home.

  1. Paint for Personal Style. While I generally advocate for calm, conservative exterior colors, the inside of your house is your own. It’s so easy to get a room repainted later that you can get away with more unique (or even crazy!) colors inside. After all, it’s your house. Now, I wouldn’t paint an entire home interior aquamarine, but I might let my daughter choose that color for her room. At the end of the day, you’re the one who’s going to live in this house, so choose colors that make you happy.
  2. Paint for How the Room is Used. I pay attention to the kind of time spent in a room before I paint it. Am I going to be doing a lot of work in this room, like an office? If so, I like the room to be bright to promote energy and alertness. If it’s a room for relaxation, I’m much more likely to paint it in a dark and subdued tone. Subdued doesn’t have to mean boring, as I’ve been known to paint the walls red in a den or two of my own.
  3. Paint the Room for Light. This is somewhat similar to the previous point, but it bears mentioning on its own. Pay attention to how much light and heat each room gets from its windows. If you have south-facing windows in this hot, Florida climate, I recommend cool, soft colors. These colors will handle warm sunlight all day long without ever making the room look stuffy. Even if it’s the middle of the summer, the room will feel cooler, even if the temperature outside is in the triple digits. There are other ways to paint for light and heat, but this is the most relevant technique for Jacksonville, FL residents.

Whether you want to paint your walls yourself or hire the professionals, A New Leaf Painting is here as a resource for you. We’re more than paint contractors. We can also give great advice on repair work and home decorating ideas, anything you need to make your home’s interior perfect. So if you need to spruce up your home with new paint, give A New Leaf Painting a call today!

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