With the holidays fast approaching and the cooler fall temperatures settling in, this is a great time to have your Jacksonville house exterior painted. If you‘ve noticed fading colors, or paint chipping or flaking, it may be time to beautify and protect your largest investment. A fresh coat of paint will not only prevent sun and moisture damage, but it will also showcase your sense of style and personality.

Selecting exterior house painting colors can be challenging. While it’s important for your home to look distinctive, it shouldn’t stand out from the homes around you like a sore thumb. We recommend trying a few samples of paint on your house exterior to narrow down your choices. Before doing so, here are a few tips to consider prior to getting paint chips from your paint store:

Exterior House Painting Color Selection Pointers

1. Notice the exterior house paint colors around you. When selecting your exterior house paint colors, start by taking a ride around your neighborhood. Snap pictures of those you like. To reduce your choices, place the photos side-by- side. You may see some similarities which will help you in your color decisions. Keep in mind that you will need colors for the main body; trim; fascia; eaves; rain gutters; front, entry, and garage doors; windows; and shutters. You may also want to paint your porch, porch railings, decking, and patio.

2.Observe the colors in the fixed and natural elements around your home. You want your exterior house paint colors to blend in with your immediate surroundings such as:

The colors of the flowers, trees, and shrubbery around your home;

The color of your existing mulch or stone in your landscaping beds unless you are planning on changing them;

The colors of your roof, brick, stone, railings, fencing, walkways, decking, and patio.

3. Choose exterior house paint colors that match the style of your home . A Victorian or historic home may call for deeper shades of blues, greens, burgundies, reds or grays; southwestern or Tuscan- themed homes look appealing in warm earth tones such as tans, yellow-oranges, corals and browns. Beach cottages favor sandy tans, blues, greens, yellow, coral, and blue-greens. Modern homes usually are at their best in neutral grays and tans. Last but not least, your traditional suburban home can handle a variety of blues, tans, grays, and greens.

4. Determine how the sunlight and shade affect the paint colors. After applying the paint samples to your house’s exterior, watch the colors throughout the day to see how the sun affects them. The sun casts an orange-red light on a western exposure; a yellow light on an eastern exposure; a blue light on a northern exposure; and, a yellow-orange light on a southern exposure. All of these different shades of light can affect how the paint looks on your home. A shady exterior can make colors look darker.

At A New Leaf Painting we specialize in commercial & residential painting and are one of the few Jacksonville painting companies that providing a color consultant to assist you in your paint color selection if you need one.

The professional painters at A New Leaf Painting are here and ready to take on your painting project. So, if you need help with house painting, interior painting, exterior painting, cabinet painting, popcorn ceiling removal, wallpaper removal, stucco repairs, drywall repairs, deck & fence staining, deck & fence painting, pool deck coatings, Concrete staining & sealing, siding replacement, siding repairs, and rotten wood repairs, give us a call or text at 904-615-6599 to schedule your free estimate.

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