If you’ve never done it yourself, house painting might seem like a breeze. A lot of people think it’s as simple as slapping on the paint and waiting for it to dry. But there’s actually a lot more to it. If you’ve ever painted your house yourself, only to see less than satisfactory results, you know there’s more that goes into a good DIY house paint job. Sunny Jacksonville, FL has lots of wind and changing weather, elements that can make painting your house a challenge. If you are looking for paint contractors to make the job easy, A New Leaf Painting is here to help with your Exterior Painting in Jacksonville FL. If you’re doing it on your own, here are a few things to watch out for.

  1. Wood that is hot, cold, or wet. Unfinished wood that is exposed to hot sun for weeks will degrade. Such wood won’t cling to paint the way finished wood will. The same goes for wet wood, which needs a few days to dry before you paint. Oil and latex paints need temperatures above 40-50 degrees to have the right texture and adhere to your walls correctly.
  2. It’s too humid, inside or out. This issue is a little complicated because the water within the paint needs to evaporate quickly enough for the paint to be properly set. Oils also need dry air to come to a desirable final texture. If it’s too humid, your exterior won’t dry right, leaving your paint vulnerable to very early damage, a problem you’ll see sooner in dark paint colors. You will also have problems if you have a very humid interior because moisture will leach through the walls and into the surface where you’re painting. The problem this presents is no different than that caused by general humidity outside your home.
  3. Wood or siding was installed incorrectly. Proper construction techniques dictate that houses be built with certain vapor barriers, insulation standards, and proper spaces for certain materials. If any of these techniques weren’t followed in the construction of your home, moisture could find its way into your walls and into the paint you are trying to apply.
  4. The wood is dirty or decayed. In both of these scenarios, paint won’t properly adhere to your wood.

There are other difficulties that can present themselves when you paint your house, but these are the most common in our climate. If you don’t want to worry about a job that goes bad, A New Leaf Painting is happy to do the work for you. We are experienced with hundreds of homes all around Jacksonville, and we know how to do every aspect of the job right. If you are looking for licensed and experienced painting contractors in Jacksonville FL, look no further than A New Leaf Painting. If you do an internet search for "a painting service near me" or "find a painting service" to find local house painters you are bound to stumble upon our website.


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