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There are few things more fun than finishing an interior painting project, replacing the hardware and decorations, sliding the furniture into place, then stepping back and enjoying the fresh new colors and style.

If you are like some, though, you might not be quite as big a fan of the smell that can go along with interior paints. To a degree, however, it’s a matter of personal preference and tolerance; you might not even notice it that much!

For those who are more aware of the smell and are looking for interior paint alternatives and options, many major paint manufacturers are now offering low-VOC and zero-VOC paint.

So, what exactly is this?

Low-VOC and Zero-VOC Paint

There is a long, chemistry-related explanation, but in a nutshell, VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. VOC’s are created and dispersed into the air by a number of sources (both natural and man-made), and some are more damaging to our health and the environment than others.

VOC’s are generally used in the solvent that helps to keep paint in a liquid state (nobody wants to find a brick of paint when they open their can!). When the paint is applied, the VOC’s evaporate, and in turn the paint can dry fully.

Low and zero-VOC paint is a great answer for those most sensitive to paint fumes, or those who simply are interested in making environmentally-friendly choices. And, never fear, even with the lower amount of VOC’s, the paint is still durable and will cure very well.

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