Beachfront properties are the perfect retreat for everyone. If you own a beach house for your own use or as a rental investment, you want it looking its best. Beach life can be hard on a house, inside and out. If your beachfront property needs some paint work, give our experienced painters a call today. Here are some of our best painting tips for beach house.

This option tends to surprise people who have never heard of it, but...Have you ever considered whitewashing your hardwood floors? Whitewash floor paint is a process where white paint is diluted with water. Your floor is sanded down to remove any varnish and to make the surface very receptive of the whitewash. Then the whitewash is administered with brush, cloth, or sponge. Finally it is smoothed to create a consistent finish. In the end, the wood grain of your beautiful hardwood will still be visible, but the color will be lightened significantly. People tend to describe this look as "bright" and "beachy". In fact, we recommend this look for beach houses especially, though it can brighten up any home with an abundance of natural light. (For more on that, check out our blog on choosing wall paint colors to brighten poorly-lit rooms.)

In most cases, we recommend finishing the floors with a matte sealing compound. Traditional sealers have a shine that competes with the natural look of the whitewashed wood. Whatever your sealing choice, it is important to keep the surface swept to avoid scratching the surface (though sealers will help tremendously). This is especially true if you live by the beach, and a lot of sand follows you inside on your shoes. Whitewashing is appropriate for the DIYer, but we can handle it quickly and easily. The process can be tedious and time-consuming for the homeowner. By leaving the job to us, you'll have a beautiful finished surface in just a couple of days.

Do you have other painting needs for your beach home or rental property, like exterior or deck paint? Because of the sun, salt, wind, and weather, beach house exteriors take a beating. Sometimes a worn exterior paint job can be charming, but peeling paint is one step away from looking ugly. We can remove your weather-beaten paint and repaint your whole exterior, quickly and affordably.

Beachfront homeowners tend to pick different colors than homeowners farther inland. It is common to see ocean colors on these homes: greys, dark blues, and briney greens. But it is just as common to see more adventurous paint colors: sunny yellows, bright purples, and celebratory reds. Your beach house is your getaway, your chance to create the environment of your dreams. So get creative. We're here to make your vision a reality.

Whatever you decide for your beachfront painting needs, we can handle the job. We also offer carpentry repair for household amenities that have taken a beating from the elements. Beach living may be hard on houses but that doesn't mean your beach house should look like a crab shack. Talk to us today about how to make your beach house or rental property in Jacksonville, FL bright, sunny, and new.

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