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Finding it difficult to find a qualified painting service near me? You’ve come to the right place.

When looking for a painting service near me you will find that our professional painters are the company to call if you are looking for a top professional painter in your area.

Our painters are dedicated to providing you with prompt, professional, quality work in every aspect of your house painting project! If you’re looking for Top-Rated Painters who are responsive and caring we hope, you’ll give us a call for a FREE written estimate. We value the way a great paint job transforms the look and feel of a home. Our guys strive to be the professional painters of choice in our area. Our crews take all of the neccasary steps to insure that you get a quality paint job done by professionals you can know and trust.

Painting service near me

If you are in the market for a local house painting company, then we sure hope that you call A New Leaf Painting, LLC for the highest quality painting in our area. Our house painters are top rated painting professionals and we know that you are going to be so happy with the quality of painting results you get from us. Our professionals are the guys you want to call for the best paint job in Jacksonville. If you look around you will see that our guys are the ones to call for all your painting needs. If you see our interior painting and exterior painting going on around town then you will notice that our painters are the company to call for all your painting service needs. Do a web search for painting service near me and most likely our website will come up among some of the best painters near you.

Interior house painting service near me

Including: Walls, trim, doors, jams, baseboards, crown molding, and much more. Every New Leaf paint project starts with meticulous preparation.

  • Clearing the room. Our pro team will remove any furniture and belongings that can be moved from the room. If there are items that for whatever reason cannot be removed, they will be moved to the center of the room and completely covered with a heavy-duty drop cloth.
  • Covering and protecting the floors. We take the utmost care when it comes to protecting your floors from damage. Our team will cover the floors and do the appropriate trim taping when necessary.
  • Cleaning the walls. A clean wall is the best canvas. We will scrub down your walls with a mild cleanser, rinse, and allow them to dry completely before applying the primer.

Exterior house painting service near me

A New Leaf Painting’s expert team members take pride in their work. Our first priority is always customer satisfaction—which starts with our tried-and-true process for truly outstanding results.

A New Leaf Painting’s expert team members take pride in their work. Our first priority is always customer satisfaction—which starts with our tried-and-true process for truly outstanding results.

Surface Preparation

Prior to painting, our team will conduct a thorough inspection of your home’s exterior to check for any pre-existing problems, such as cracks and gaps, mildew, mold, and loose trim or other materials. After any issues are identified, our painters will then take the following steps:*

  • Power-wash the exterior surface of the home. At A New Leaf Painting, we use a variety of careful methods to power-wash different exterior materials in order to avoid damage. We use a specialized exterior cleaning agent to remove all dirt, soil, and debris from the home, resulting in a perfectly prepped surface.
  • Remove old coat of paint or stain. Our team will use specialized scrapers and other tools to remove old paint from the exterior of the home. This critical step ensures a smooth surface for the new coats of paint.
  • Remove any mildew. Typically, our power-washing method removes all mildew and mold; if any remains, we use specialized agents to finish them off.
  • Caulk and repair cracks or other damage. Filling gaps and cracks with caulk makes for a better painting surface and can block drafts.

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When you need Painting service near me consider A New Leaf Painting and let us amaze you will quality painting done with integrity. Contact us today for a Free Estimate 904-416-8606 or 1-888-PAINTING!

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